Weber Electric Barbecue Grill BBQ Garden Portable Q1400 Dark Grey 2.2kW

By Weber
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The WeberQ1400 Dark Grey Electric BBQ uses mains electricity as it's power source - plug in and grill – for a real barbecue taste with maximum convenience with it's heat resistant frame removing the risk of scorching or heat transfer to tables or work surfaces, or storage making it perfect Perfect for apartments or any situation when fire restrictions limit the use of charcoal or gas barbecues. The WeberQ1400 Dark Grey Electric BBQ is constructed with a cast-aluminium lid and body which sits in a heat resistant glass re-inforced nylon frame, which has built in carry handles, materials which are chosen for their ideal combination of lightweight, durability and resistance to bashes and crashes. Beneath the frame there is space to easily access the removable, and disposable, drip tray which collects surplus fats which have not been recycled back into the cool box as part of the grilling process. One drip tray is provided and further examples can be ordered separately. The frame simply clips onto, to use in conjunction with, the ingenious quick folding WeberQ Portable Cart, separately purchasable, for even great versatility. This can be used as both a grill stand, raising the grill to the right cooking height, or as a pull along cart to transport the WeberQ1400 Dark Grey Electric BBQ over all, but the roughest terrain to locate the grill on the beach or where ever a UK mains socket is located. The push-button function allows you to quickly fold or unfold the cart with your grill securely in place and make for an easy fit into a car boot or for storage. At the heart of the cook box of the WeberQ1400 Dark Grey Electric BBQ sit the porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grates, chosen for their heat retention properties and ability to withstand every day grilling abuse, giving a surprisingly large 1355 cm cooking area. These sit above the electric burner which is designed to maximise the heat output to the greatest grilling area while helping minimise the bulk and weight of the Q series barbecues. The infinite control burner valve regulates so the grilling process can be manipulated according to whatever is being cooked for ideal results every time the WeberQ1400 grates are brought up to grilling temperature. Simply rotate the infinite control burner valve dial to the required level then away you go. The 1.8 metre cable gives flexibility of placement. Weber have developed a huge selection of accessories to broaden the cooking horizons of, and make life easier, for owners of the WeberQ1400 Dark Grey Electric BBQ with well thought out and simple to use items from essentials such as lightweight Q utensils and cleaning brushes to roasting racks, skewers and burger presses.
  • Material: Steel
  • Model details: Electric
  • Power output 2.2kW
  • Porcelain-enamelled, cast-iron cooking grates
  • Cast aluminium lid and body
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame
  • Removable catch pan
  • Infinite hear control settings
  • 1355 cm cooking area
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Portable, Freestanding,
  • Portable Steel Grey
  • Size: (H)369 x (W)686 x (D)420mm 13kg