12 Sensations Walkers Crisps Bundle Sweet Chilli Chicken Thyme 150g

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At Sensations we believe in making the most of every moment. Our snacks are inspired by flavours and recipes we have discovered from around the world, to deliver evocative aromas, intense flavours and enlivening textures that will really excite your senses. Come and discover our snacks - Sensations. A feast for the senses. In Sensations bundle: 8 x Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli 150g BBD 25/06/2022 4 x Sensations Chicken & Thyme 150g BBD 25/06/2022
  • Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Sharing Crisps, 8 x 150g - Sensations Thai sweet chilli potato crisps, inspired by delicious flavours from around the World, a feast for the senses. First the flavour starts subtly, sweet onion with a little spicy chilli, followed by a flourish of complex fragrant herbs, finishing with a sweet satisfying heat.These crisps are suitable for vegetarians and contain no MSG
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  • Roast Chicken And Thyme Sharing Crisps, 4 x 150g - Sensations Roasted Chicken and Thyme Crisps combine the comforting aroma of roast chicken with fragrant notes of lemon and thyme. Not suitable for vegetarians.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Crisps 8 x Thai Sweet Chilli 150g, 4 x Roasted Chicken & Thyme 150g
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