14 x Doritos Variety Tortilla Chips Cheese Chilli Pack of 12x30g Vegetarian

By Doritos
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At Doritos we believe that no one should settle for boring snacks. When it comes to bold snacking experiences, we're where it's at. With a choice of intense flavours, full-on crunch and a range of sizes for every occasion, Doritos tortilla chips are the perfect snack for enjoying on-the-go or sharing with mates. Unleash the full Doritos experience with our range of crunchy tortilla chips and tasty dips. Bold crunch, bold flavours. Explore the full Doritos range at our website. With intense flavours and full-on crunch Doritos are the great tasting bold snack for when you're getting together with mates!
  • Outrageously delicious Doritos tortilla chips with a bold flavour and full-on crunch
  • Ingredients:
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  • Multipack includes Doritos Cool Original, Tangy Cheese and Chilli Heatwave Tortilla Chips
  • Enjoy a pack on-the-go or at lunchtime with your favourite sandwich
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  • Suitable for vegetarians
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  • Multipack