Baxi Flow Switch 242459 Spares Boiler Accessories Hydraulics Safety Device

By Baxi
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A safety device, this Baxi flow switch is for use in Baxi 100 He, 50 He, 80 He, Barcelona, Combi (Condensing), Platinum, Solo HE and HE A, Main HE A, Main Heat ErP, Gold, Gold ErP, Precision, Promax, Promax SL and Promax SL ErP boilers.
  • The flow switch has an inbuilt sensor that sits inside the pipework of domestic hot water and central heating systems
  • The flow switch senses the activation of the pump and feeds that information back to the system's PCB, allowing the ignition sequence to take place.
  • If the flow switch senses that the system is low on water or dry it will ensure operation is stopped
  • Boiler Section Heat Exchanger
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Easy To Install, Durable, Boiler Accessories
  • Flow Switch Multicoloured
  • Included: Baxi Flow Switch 242459
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