Blyss Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Ventilation Cooling Remote Control Timer

By Blyss
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Air conditioner with 3 functions: cooling, dehumidification and ventilation, to create a comfortable climate. Fan offers 3 speeds for air flow, and 24-hour timer provides optimum comfort. Features hidden display in front panel with remote control, auto-swing vent to spread air evenly and night mode function to adapt room temperature.
  • Self-Evaporation
  • Air Flow Capacity: 330 m³/hr
  • 3 functions: cooling, dehumidification and ventilation
  • Model No: A018I-09C
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Dehumidifier, Portable, Indoor, Remote Control, Timer, Compact
  • Portable Air Conditioner White
  • Included: Housing adaptor, window connector, permanent fixture and cap, exhaust house, window kit, remote control, batteries (2), dowels (2) and drain pipe.
  • Date: 28 Kg