Bosch Expert Circular Mitre Saw Blade Wood Cutting Disc Carbide Teeth 254x30mm

By Bosch
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Long-life blade with high cutting performance in wood. Extra-hard MicroteQ teeth manufactured from extremely strong, high-density carbide grains for durability, combined with a robust ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) tooth shape. ProteQtion coating prevents corrosion and reduces friction. Features anti-vibration slots for smooth cutting, considerably less noise and significantly reduced vibration. Compatible with mitre saws.
  • Blade type-, Blade Diameter-254 mm, Disc Bore Size- 30 mm
  • Extra Fine Cut
  • Cutting Width (Kerf): 2.4mm
  • Carbide Teeth
  • Rake Angle: -5°
  • Low Kickback Design
  • ProteQtion-Coated
  • Number of Teeth : 60
  • Suitable Sawing Material : Wood, Chipboard & Plywood
  • Suitable Saw Type : Mitre
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Extra Fine Cut, Carbide Teeth, Low Kickback Design
  • Circular Saw Blade Silver
  • Included: Circular Saw Blade
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