Bosch Multi Tool Accessories Set Starlock Cutting Blades Durable 5 Piece Kit

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The Starlock Best of Cutting Set, 5-piece - contains a selection of blades for special applications with wood and metal. The set contains sheets with a longer life for all cutting work. It is ideal for sawing soft wood, hard wood, chipboard, laminate, parquet, soft plastic, metal sheets up to 1 mm thick, profiles made of non-ferrous metal, hardened metal as well as cement and sealing material. The Starlock recording system enables a quick blade change without touching the sheet in three seconds. Thanks to its three-dimensional tight fit, the recording system allows maximum power transmission between the machine and accessories.
  • 1x BIM plunge saw blade Hard Wood AIZ 32 BSPB
  • 1x BIM plunge saw blade Wood and Metal AIZ 32 APB
  • 1x BIM segment saw blade Wood and Metal ACZ 85 EB
  • 1x Carbide plunge saw blade Metal AIZ 32 AT
  • 1x BIM plunge saw blade Wood and Metal AII 65 APB
  • Star lock system for quick blade change
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Long Life, Durable, Starlock
  • Multi tool set Black Modern
  • Included: 5x Starlock Multitool Blade
  • Charging time -