British General Consumer Unit Main Switch SPD Fuse Box 18 Ways Part-Populated

By British General
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18th Edition Amendment 2. Features integrated spirit level, all internal cables, terminals, busbar, labels and blanks. Modern, stylish design and profile with flexible circuit combinations. Fast, easy installation with backed-out, retained terminal screws and captive cover screws. High gloss finish matches all other BG wiring accessories
  • Material: Steel
  • 40kA Type 2 SPD
  • 100A Mains Switch
  • Floating Busbar
  • DIN Rail Supplied
  • Top, Bottom, Side & Rear Cable Entry Points
  • Integrated Spirit Level
  • Backed-Out & Retained Terminal Screws
  • Way: 18 Way
  • CSU Populated/Unpopulated: Part-Populated
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Durable, Easy To Install, Compact
  • Consumer Unit Steel White Modern
  • Included: British General Consumer Unit CFUSW18SPD, Busbar, busbar cover, cover blanks, label sheet, grommet strip and clip-in cable protecctor
  • Date: (H)230 x (W)496 x (D)115 mm