Colours Dimmer Switch 3 Gang 2 Way Push On/Off Rotary Beige Nickel Effect 240V

By Colours
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Flat screwed profile dimmer switch with polished pearl nickel finish. 3 gang internal switch, ideal for controlling 3 circuits. 2 way switches make it possible to control the same light from 2 locations.
  • Leading edge dimmers are compatible with inductive loads such as magnetic low voltage transformers and have a relatively high minimum load operating a TRIAC switch to control power
  • To control the light output
  • For mood setting
  • Dimming lights saves energy
  • Flat Profile
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Energy Saving, Two Way, 3 Gang, Leading Edge, Screwed
  • Dimmer Switch Beige
  • Included: Colours Dimmer Switch
  • Size: