Eaton Switch Disconnector Exel 2 Wire 3-Phase Cable Lockable

By Eaton
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Switches are of the quick 'make and break type', suitable for use on AC or DC. HRC fuse links fitted to switch disconnector. Fuses are suitable on systems up to 415V AC. Eaton fuses used in these products are also suitable for 250V DC systems. Units are fitted with HRC fuse links of maximum rating but will accept fuse links of a lower rating. HRC pattern switch fuses are fitted with type SCH carriers.
  • Material: Steel
  • 3-Phase
  • 415V AC & 250V DC
  • Large Capacity Easy to Wire Terminals
  • Top, Bottom & Side Knockouts
  • Suitable for 70mm² Cable
  • IP Rating IP41
  • Utilisation Category AC-22A & AC-23A
  • Rated Operational Current (In) 125 A
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Lockable
  • Steel Grey
  • Size: (H)380 x (D)240 x (W)520mm 1.95