Eaton Unfused Switch Disconnector Exel 2 20A DP Lockable Easy To Wire Terminals

By Eaton
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Fabricated from rust-protected sheet steel with a light grey paint finish. Switches are of the quick 'make and break type', suitable for use on AC or DC. Chromium-plated, front-operated handles with On/Off indication. Internal fixing enabling units to be mounted closely side-by-side. Interiors comprise porcelain bases fitted with non-ferrous conducting components.
  • Material: Steel
  • Amp Rating: 20 A
  • Amp Rating @ 250V DC: 20 A
  • Amp Rating @ 415V AC: 20 A
  • IP Rating: IP41
  • Nominal Rating: 20 A
  • Rated Operational Current (In): 20 A
  • Rated Operational Voltage (Ue): 415 V AC
  • Utilisation Category: AC-22A & DC-22
  • Voltage Rating: 415V AC & 250V DC
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Lockable, Easy to Wire Terminals, Single-Phase
  • Switch Disconnector Steel Grey
  • Date: (H)170 x (W)190 x (D)140mm