Roller Garage Door Opener Remote Controlled Rol-a-matic RW1 Courtesy Light

By Gliderol
High Street £289.99
Our Price £220.99
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Slim-line unit fits discretely at the side of the door curtain and includes everything to convert a manually-operated roller door to an automatic, remote-controlled door. Features built-in courtesy light, spring-loaded disengage cords and automatic force sensing which ensures the door operates safely at all times.
  • Automatic Safety Cut-Out Eliminates Trapping
  • Emergency Release from Inside
  • Slim-line
  • Current Type: AC
  • Max Door Height: 2.4 m
  • Max Door Width: 5 m
  • Long Life
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: With Light, Durable, Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance
  • Roller Garage Door Opener Black Modern
  • Included: Retro-fit operator, handsets (2), fitting hardware and emergency release.
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