Guarded Brick Bolster Chisel Comfort-Grip Mould-Resistant Durable 0.20" x 9"

By Roughneck
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Made from high quality steel which has been hardened and tempered with a powder-coated finish. Blade has been ground-polished for a precise cut, which can be sharpened. Handle has a triple-injected grip for comfort. Useful for removing wall or floor tiles, outside wall rendering or chasing-out channels in blockwork for pipes and cables. Ideal for cutting blocks / bricks safely, accurately and quickly. Suitable for medium to high density concrete and breeze blocks or bricks of 10cm wide.
  • Material: Steel
  • Steel Construction
  • Hardened & Tempered
  • Powder-Coated Finish
  • Oval Shaft
  • Safety Comfort-Grip
  • Mould-Resistant
  • Guarded
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Guarded, Comfort-Grip, Mould-Resistant
  • Bolster Chisel Steel Black Modern
  • Included: Brick Bolster
  • (W)5 x (L)230 mm