Heated Towel Rail Radiator Warmer Electric Bathroom Flat Ladder Chrome 150W 240V

By Flomasta
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A great towel warmer not only heats your towels and bathroom, but will help to make your bathroom a warm and comfortable place in which to relax. Electrical installation only. Element included. Radiator can be fitted either way around so the cable can be located on the left or right side.
  • Material: Steel
  • Pre-Filled Electric Element - Not Suitable for Water Central Heating
  • Flat Front
  • Chrome-Plated Steel Construction
  • Heating control function: Overheat regulator
  • Wall Fixings, Plug & Vent Included
  • His high-quality towel warmer helps dry your damp bath towel and makes your bathroom well as inviting
  • It provides an alternative source of heat in the bathroom and helps prevent mould growth
  • Wall to Centre (Standard Bracket) 65 mm
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Flat, Electric, Chrome
  • Towel Rail Steel Silver Modern
  • Included: Radiator, air vent, plug, wall support and fixings.
  • Date: (H)700 x (W)400 x (D)30 mm 7.1 Kg