Hozelock Hand Pump Sprayer Garden Pressure Chemical Weed Plant Spray Bottle 5L

By Hozelock
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Instructions for care - After each use: Eliminate any residual pressure that may remain in the apparatus operating the safety valve, by pushing it, or by spraying until there is no more pressure. Avoid risks of pollution by recovering any unused product and its packaging. Wash your hands and face with clean water after using the sprayer. Never store the sprayer pressurised. Never store the treatment agent inside the sprayer. Store the sprayer in a closed location out of the reach of children. Clean the handle filter and the suction filter in the reservoir if present in the sprayer. If you spray until there is just air in the spray: eliminate residual pressure remaining in the sprayer by operating the safety valve or by spraying until there is no more pressure. The residual volume of liquid is less than 250ml. Before storing and before any other use with another treatment agent, perform a rinsing operation, i.e. put 1 litre of water into the reservoir for dilution, mix thoroughly and operate the apparatus to rinse all of the apparatus' components. This rinsing operation must be carried out without removing any of the accessories used during the treatment. The rinsing mixture must not be emptied into a sewer but must be sprayed outside on the land that has already been treated. Repeat the operation several times before the winter period. Rinsing for models equipped with 1 bar pressure regulator: add 1 litre of water to the sprayer, pressurise and spray into a suitable container until all the liquid has been evacuated and air comes out of the nozzle. To discharge the remaining pressure in the sprayer, use the safety pressure release valve. If there is still some unused treatment product left, eliminate any residual pressure remaining in the apparatus by operating the safety valve. Recover any possible excess of product and rinse the sprayer again as indicated above. Before using again, even if it is used again immediately, with the same treatment product or a different one, repeat the rinsing operation 3 consecutive times and check that the sprayer works properly (especially the safety valve).
  • Material: Polyethylene (PE) & polypropylene (PP)
  • A range of nozzles for every treatment; including the multi-nozzle, a 3 nozzles in1 patented innovation
  • A range of nozzles for every treatment; including the multi-nozzle, a 3 nozzles in1 patented innovation
  • 3 bar safety valve so no risk of excessive pumping
  • Measuring cap for accurate dosing with contents indicator to avoid cross contamination
  • Equipped with lance made from high quality materials
  • Capacity: Unknown5 L
  • Features: Durable, Easy To Use, Portable
  • Hand Pump Sprayer Polyethylene (PE) & polypropylene (PP) Orange
  • Included: Hand Pump Sprayer
  • (H)517 x (W)200 mm 1.69 Kg