Ideal HeatingAuto Air Vent Kit with O-Ring 12.0113 175804 Boiler Spares Part

By Ideal Heating
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The automatic air vent is a safety device within the central heating unit. They work by using a floatation device to release built up air. As water flows through the heating/cooling system, a float within the automatic air vent opens or closes depending on the water level. If the system contains only water, the float will be pushed to the top and the vent will be closed until the water level drops.
  • Product Type: Auto Air Vent Kit with O-Ring 12.0113
  • Boiler Spares Part Number: 175804
  • Boiler Spares Type: Hydraulics
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Durable
  • Storage Tank Water Heater Black
  • Charging time -