Kärcher 6m Extension Hose For Pressure Washers Flexible Extra Reach

By Kärcher
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This 6m extension hose is for use on any machine in the K4 - K7 range that uses the new style of handgun which has the quick release connection just in front of the trigger mechanism and not for use with the older style handguns where the connection is in the hand grip section.
  • Model details: 0.09
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60°C
  • Compatible with Kärcher K4 - K7 pressure washers
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Flexible, Quick Connect system for easy connection to the gun and high-pressure hose
  • Washer hose Multicoloured
  • Included: Kärcher 6m Extension hose
  • Size: (L)6m 0.75kg