Kärcher Fast Battery Charger 18V Li-Ion Compact Wall Mountable Lightweight

By Kärcher
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The 18v Fast Charger is ideal for quickly charging any Karcher 18v battery. Able to charge the 2.5Ah battery to 80% within 44 minutes and the 5.0Ah battery within 90 minutes, the fast charger allows you to quickly get back to your cleaning or gardening task.
  • Charges 18V batteries
  • Compatible with Kärcher 18V/2.5Ah Battery Kärcher 18V/5.0Ah Battery
  • Versatile Use - Compatible with all batteries of the 18 V Kärcher battery platform.
  • Fast Charger - Charges the 18 V / 2.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery to 80% in 44 mi
  • Wall Mount - For clean attachment to the wall.
  • Includes plug
  • Battery status indicator : Charging, full charge
  • Compact
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Compact, Lightweight, Versatile Use, Fast Charger, Battery Status Indicator
  • Charger Black
  • Included: Battery charger
  • Date: (H) 87.1 x (D) 183.9 x (W) 132.7 mm 0.67 kg