Labgear Aerial Amplifier 1 Way Compact Signal Booster Digital HD TV Radio DAB 5G

By Labgear
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Amplifies weak signals or boosts signals to overcome longer cable runs or to allow signal splitting. Mains-powered and fitted with a Class 1, 5G mobile interference filter. Compact housing with F-connectors.
  • 1 Inputs/ 1 Outputs
  • Carries Analogue, Digital TV, Radio, DAB, Freeview & HD TV
  • 14dB Gain
  • 470-694MHz Frequency Range
  • Mains-Powered
  • 5G Filtered
  • Cable End Type F-Plug
  • Frequency Range 470-694 MHz
  • Max Output Level 95 dBuV
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Built-in Amplifier, Gain Booster, HD TV Signal, Compact
  • Splitter Black
  • Included: Aerial Amplifier
  • Size: