Makita Battery Charger Fast Compact DC18RC 7.2V-18V Multi Voltage Lithium-Ion

By Makita
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This compact Li-ion battery charger possesses a built-in cooling fan and CPU that analyses the battery condition via memory chip in the battery, and controls current, voltage and temperature of individual cells within the battery to produce optimum and fast charging. Designed to charge Makita® 18v and 14.4v LXT slide batteries.
  • Model details: 0.09 230 V
  • Suited for charging 18V and 14.4V LXT slide batteries
  • Blow air cools the battery while charging so that the airflow cools all cells equally efficiently
  • This avoids uneven temperature distribution and extends battery life
  • A microchip from the battery communicates with the charger during charging and analyzes the condition of the battery.
  • Quick and easy charging of Lithium Ion Makita® batteries
  • Fully charged battery in just 22 minutes.
  • Built-in CPU that analyses battery life to optimise charging
  • Charging times: BL 5Ah - 45 Minutes, BL1840 4Ah - 36 Minutes, BL1830 3Ah - 22 Minutes, BL1430 3Ah - 22 Minutes, BL1415 1.3Ah - 15 Minute
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Monitoring power, Temperature monitoring, Monitoring voltage, Quick charging, Compact, Built-in fan
  • Battery Charger Black
  • Size: (H)84 x (W)190 x (D)156mm