Masterplug 16A Open Cable Reel LVCT2516/2-MP 2 Socket 25m 110V For Site Use

By Masterplug
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The Masterplug 110V Cable Reel has 2-sockets and provides the industry standard 110V for providing portable power when working on sites and in construction environments. It is safer than 230V and reduces the risk of significant injury. Cable reel is fitted with one 16A plug and two 16A sockets. Two 16A 110V IP44 Sockets - ideal when being used on sites with temporary power.
  • Amp Rating: 16A
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Yes
  • Number of Gangs: 2 Gang
  • Robust Design - ideal for Site, DIY and light commercial use
  • Twenty Five Metres of Cable - to extend the reach of the socket
  • Highly Visible Yellow Cable - ideal for site use
  • Power Indicator - shows that your device is connected to the mains
  • Drum Wind Handle - making retracting the cable after use easy
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Easy Wind Handle, Sturdy Construction, Highly Visible, Carry Handle
  • Cable Reel Yellow
  • Size: 25m