Masterplug 8 socket Extension Lead SRPTU82PW2-BD Power Indicator 2m White

By Masterplug
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This Masterplug extension lead is suitable for interior use, and features 8 sockets, 2 USB sockets and a 2m cable. Ideal for powering home appliances as well as charging small devices such as mobile phones. Surge protection and safety shuttered sockets provide additional safety.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Two metres of cable to extend the reach of the socket
  • Two USB charger outputs ideal for use with, iPhone, iPad, iPod and other MP3’s, Mobile phones, PDA’s and Digital Cameras
  • Surge protected 13A sockets with three channel protection and safety thermal cut-out
  • Includes telecom protection to further protect your equipment from damaging surge or spikes via broadband, ISDN or modem connections
  • Maximum power unwound: 3120W
  • Location: Indoor
  • Number ofoutlets: 8
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Fused, Unswitched, Indoor, CE marked
  • Extension leads Plastic White
  • Included: Masterplug 8 socket White Extension lead, 2m
  • Date: 1.6