Mira Silent Pumped Electric Shower White/Chrome Elite SE 10.8kW

By Mira
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Designed for silent showering. Takes cold water on low pressure, gravity fed systems and silently delivers a strong and consistent performance due to brushless motor. Pump cannot be heard when water is running. The same footprint and screwholes as the Elite QT and ST makes it an easy replacement. Clean-flo filter. Self-service inlet filter (no call-out required).
  • Cable Entry Points Top Left, Bottom Left & Rear Left
  • Min. Shower Flow Rate - 4 Ltr/min Max. Shower Flow Rate - 6 Ltr/min
  • Maximum Bar Pressure - 1 bar Minimum Bar Pressure - 0.008 bar
  • Silent Pumped Electric Shower
  • Rotary Temperature Control
  • Automatic Water Failure Shutdown
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Electric Showers White
  • Included: Shower unit, installation template (remove from packaging) and guarantee card.
  • Size: (W) 270 x (H) 363 x (D) 110 mm 3.85 kg