Ap Proseries Pressure Sprayer Wheel Cleaner 5 Litre A52743 Acid-Resistant

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Heavy duty pressure sprayer with metal trigger. Compatible with acid chemical agents used in professional cleaning and disinfection, construction, automotive and all industrial workshops. Protective sleeve for valve chamber. Strong translucent tank with level indicator. Handle Type: Plastic D-Handle Resistant Type: Acid-Resistant
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Model details: 0.09
  • Adjustable Spray Nozzle
  • Flow Control Trigger
  • Acid-Resistant
  • 3bar safety valve with depressurisation option.
  • Strong translucent tank with level indicator.
  • Self-contained and has a built-in manual pump used to pressurise the tank.
  • Capacity: Unknown5 Ltr
  • Features: Self-contained, Compact, Cordless, Adjustable Spray Nozzle, Plastic Tank, Flow Control Trigger, Acid-Resistant, Heavy duty, Level Indicator.
  • Pressure Sprayer Plastic, Metal White, Black
  • Included: Pressure Sprayer
  • Size: (H)470 x (W)185mm 1.21 kg