Programmable Room Thermostat Wired 240V 7 Day Digital Touchscreen Wall-Mounted

By Honeywell
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The T6 wired programmable thermostat offers next-generation functionality. Developed to provide intuitive heating time and temperature control, the T6 is compatible with any boiler and any system including 24–230V on/off and OpenTherm® appliances such as gas and oil boilers, combi-boilers and heat pumps. The T6 is attractively designed, with ultra-modern styling that makes it ideal for any location in any type of home.
  • 240V powered, wired, wall-mounted, touchscreen interface with easily recognised icons thermostat
  • 7 day, 5/2 day and single day scheduling with a pre-configured schedule included
  • Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity offers direct connection to the customer’s home network without additional equipment. Will work as a non-connected thermostat when not connected to the home broadband network
  • 5–37° Celsius temperature range, with minimum/maximum set point facility and off position frost protection
  • Easy integration into existing heating systems
  • Temperature measurement can be offset to suit the position of the thermostat if required
  • The receiver box has been redesigned to simplify the installation process
  • LED power and warning light system shows communication status with boiler or zone valve
  • Quickly reset and delete the current binding using the reset pinhole
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Touchscreen, Programmable, Adjustable Brightness, App Control, Digital Display
  • Thermostat Multicoloured Modern
  • Included: Honeywell Programmable Room Thermostat T6 - Y6H910WF1011, Receiver Box
  • Size: