Schneider Electric Surge Protection Kit Easy 9 Type 2 Single Phase 275V 20 kA

By Schneider Electric
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Pole configuration of 1 pole and neutral, protects circuits from switching surges and ensures security against lightning strikes. Compatible with the Easy9 range and designed to support retrofit installations of Easy9 surge protection devices
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Offers clip-on mounting mode on DIN rail support
  • Supplied with replaceable cartridges and operational indicator, 20A MCB, cables and extended neutral link
  • CSU Device: SPDs
  • Max. Continuous Voltage (Uc): 275 V
  • Max. Discharge Current (Imax): 20 kA
  • No. of Phases: Single-Phase
  • Nominal Discharge Current (In): 10 kA
  • Number of Poles: SP & N
  • Suitable Cable Size: 35 mm²
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Easy Installation, Durable, DIN Rail
  • Surge Protection Kit Plastic, Metal Multicoloured ModernContemporary
  • Included: Surge Protection Kit, Replaceable cartridges, Operational indicator, 20A MCB, Cables, Extended neutral link
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