Garden Digging Fork Weatherproof Wooden Handle Heavy Duty Outdoor Gardening Tool

By Spear and Jackson
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Exceptionally strong and built to last carbon digging fork. Solid-forged from a single piece of steel, making it ideal for digging over and breaking up soil. Hammer finished powder coating improves resistance to rust, humidity and soil alkalis. Ashwood weatherproof handle. Longer socket and handle reduces the need for bending and helps against back strain. Double width treads for more comfortable digging.
  • Material: Wood, Carbon Steel
  • Blade Coating: Polyester-Coated
  • Handle Length: 762 mm
  • Handle Material: Wooden-Handled
  • Handle Type: YD-Handle
  • Head dimensions: (H)294 x (W)195 mm
  • Resistant Type: Weatherproof
  • Tine Gap Width: 50 mm
  • Tine Length: 294 mm
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Heavy Duty, Weatherproof, Durable
  • Digging/Spading Fork Wood, Carbon Steel Black
  • Included: Digging Fork
  • Date: (L)1050 mm