Tado° Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ Wired Smart Intelligent Heating Control

By Tado
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The tado° Starter Kit is a smart way to control your heating. It’s designed to ensure a comfortable and healthy climate while considerably reducing your energy consumption. The intuitive smartphone app and smart home integration enable you to control your heating from anywhere, and more efficiently than ever before and is compatible with many smart systems including Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit. It is compatible with 95% of heating systems which includes boiler central heating and underfloor heating. The thermostat saves you enough energy to pay for itself within the first year so is a great investment. The thermostats use Geolocation too; it uses your phone locations to save energy when nobody is at home and to turn the heat back on when the first person heads back.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Smart Schedules for the perfect temperature individually in each room, at any time; only active when someone’s home; can optionally be turned on and off with one click in the app
  • If no one is home or an open window has been detected, the tado° app reminds you to turn down the heating via push notification
  • Further advantages with Auto Assist (optional): If no one is home or open windows have been detected, tado° automatically turns down the heating; Care & Protect helps to solve heating problems (in-app purchase, cancel monthly; £2.99/month)
  • Compatible with almost every heating system including gas boilers, oil boilers, condensing boilers, OpenTherm systems & hydronic underfloor heating; replaces your conventional wired room thermostat
  • Reduce your energy consumption, save money, and enjoy the perfect room temperature at all times
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Weather Adaptiation, Insightful Statistics, Energy Savings Report, Multi room control, Air Comfort, Easy to install,
  • Thermostat Starter Kit Plastic White
  • Included: Tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit
  • ‎104 x 104 x 18 mm ‎260 g