Garden Hose Pipe Set Medium Duty Plastic Plant Watering Green Outdoor 15m

By Verve
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This Verve spray gun is controlled with thumb movement allowing you to choose the right flow for your task. Twist the head to select the setting (jet - cleaning, flat - rinsing, fast fill - bucket, fine mist - seedlings, and wide - overall watering).
  • Material: Plastic
  • We've included all the connectors (1 standard & 1 aquastop, 1 tap connector), 15m hosepipe and a spray gun to get you started
  • Comes with 15m hosepipe, 5 setting spray gun, 1 hose end connector, 1 hose end aquastop connector, tap connector 1/2"-3/4" -1" (12.5/19/25mm)
  • Universal connections means this kit can be used with most brands of hose fittings and accessories
  • Our spray gun supports five key spray patterns and is suitable for lightly misting tropical plants and seeds as well as cleaning cars and windows with the jet spray
  • Durability: Medium duty
  • Compatible with Most brands of hose fittings/accessories
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Durable, Weatherproof, Outdoor
  • Hose Pipe Set Plastic Green Modern
  • Included: Verve Hose Pipe Set, 1 standard, 1 aquastop, 1 tap connector, 15m hosepipe and spray gun
  • Date: (L)15 m 2.645 Kg